Windtone 75V, The Ideal Electric Shell Horn from Roots

Windtone 75V, The Ideal Electric Shell Horn from Roots

Roots Windtone 75V  Electric Shell Horn  

Having a good horn for your car is essential in terms of being able to alert other road users when danger is near or to give them a warning sign, say if they fell asleep while driving or not putting up a signal during the interchanging the lanes.

Roots is a brand known to have an outstanding design and durability standardizing materials added for the horns. Which is why horns from Roots are the turning point for any car to gear up in emphasizing safety precaution.

The electric disc and trumpet horn, Windtone 75V offers road safety and unique sets of horn sound, trumpet style to improve better driving.

  • Electromagnetic Signalling Horn
  • High durability and Reliability
  • High quantity Diaphragm and Contact Points
  • Attractive design for visible mounting
  • Harmonized and Genial Sound
  • Ideal horn for 2/3/4 wheelers


  • 12V
  • 5.0 A
  • 110dB (A)


  • 420 Hz (Low)
  • 500 Hz (High)

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