Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in Blaupunkt DVR BP 9.0AG

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in Blaupunkt DVR BP 9.0AG

Dashcams or digital video recorders are the gadgets reaching limitless functions that enables the users to harness full potential or a video recorder to capture the moments that is worth not only sharing but providing as evidence as well. The miniature technological dashcams are owned by many people, and because of that, to make sure the users get best versions of safety applications, these gadgets are fed with specifications that beneficial and ideal. The latest system that is added to recently released and upcoming dashcams are Advanced Driver Assistance System or also known as ADAS.

ADAS is a system that assists the driver to have a better and safer driving session when on the road. The advanced driver assistance system comprises of many specialized features. For DVR BP 9.0, there are lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and forward Vehicle stop Alert (FVSA)

ADAS setting calibration is the first thing that needs to be adjusted. In order to obtain an ADAS system that is able to operate properly, the calibration setting must be adjusted. If the calibration of the ADAS setting is not accurate, the necessary alerts will not be precise and received when needed.

To set an accurate ADAS calibration setting, the red line must be set to be at the centre of the lane and the green line is to be set to align with the car’s hood. This setting of lines helps in widen the monitoring angle of the road for the DVR. The action of calibrating the setting should not be done when the car is moving and not by the driver when the car is in motion.

Operating speed is where the driver can set a designated speed setting where ADAS function can start to act to monitor the road. In this case, if the operating speed is set at 60 km/h, the Lade Departure Warning System will start to operate and monitor the car in order to prevent veering off of the car. 

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is a system that gives out warning to the driver through the screen of the DVR if the car wheeled off from the current lane or the road. This helps in preventing accidents on the highway. The DVR will start to monitor the car once the set speed has been reached, which varies from 60 km/h, 80 km/h and 100km/h.

Forward Vehicle Stop Alert (FVSA) is the system that starts to work when the car stops at the traffic light or when the traffic is congested. This alert works by giving out a loud sound to the driver as a warning signal once the car ahead starts to move. This prevents insignificant accidents and help keep the driver focused again. 

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