Having a touch screen car radio is a leverage on the road

Having a touch screen car radio is a leverage on the road

Having  a touch screen car radio is a leverage on the road

From a traditional button based car radio to latest cutting-edge touch screen based car radio, what makes these two different radios fanatic? The features that are added and the features that are removed. Touch screen car radios are now in almost every car in the world, and car manufacturers equip the touch based car radios in new cars.

These radios are so loved throughout the world for its safety measures and convenient control.

Display  screen

Touch screen car radios are usually double din; larger in size, wider in screen, which makes it much more prevalent in car for easy usage compare to any other devices designed. With such a wide screen, the image quality will be in high definition at its best.

Radio stations will be in HD as well, which makes it easier to see in a broader prospect.

And of course, there is no touch screen radio if there is no touch sensitivity.

Front  and rear-view cameras

Touch screen car radios are great in displaying images projected from front and rear-view cameras. These cameras are purportedly used for parking and reversing purposes.

The significant reason of having the front and rear-view camera is to lessen blind spots and intensify the safety measure for pedestrians and animals passing by the car during this activity.

This reduces unnecessary accidents and injuries and with the cameras, it will minimize the risk of getting the vehicle damaged.

Starting  Phonelink connection

Touch screen car radios can get the driver to access his or her mobile device by projecting the phone’s screen display on the radio’s screen like a mirror with the help of a simple phonelink connection, that can be established with a single USB cable.

By getting this access, there will be an easier option to look at the phone without actually looking at the phone.

With this feature in touch screen radios, driving will be always safe and better.

To learn on how to phonelink your device with touch screen car radio, click on the following link:

Bluetooth  connection

Touch screen radios are capable of projecting phone calls on the screen based on the calls received by the phone through establishment of Bluetooth connection. The device is required to be paired with the respective phone and voila, that is all it takes.

This makes answering and ending call very easy and there is no need to pick up the phone while driving.

Steering  Wheel control

There is a possibility of not directly touching the screen of the radio to answer or end call, which is through steering wheel control. The concept of steering wheel control is having buttons on the steering wheel that functions in many ways.

Such as controlling the car radio’s volumes, pick up and end calls, changing the radio stations or songs from USB drive, as well as scrolling up and down the phonebook.

This helps in terms of not needing to take away hands away from the steering or eyes of the road.

Displaying  GPS navigation 

Most drivers would use their mobile phones to get access to navigation to get to their destination. For displaying GPS navigation, mobile phones are prone to have small display screen and it does not appear safe to have to look at the phone at a constant rate.

This is where the touch screen radios come in. Some touch screen car radios have built-in GPS navigation while some radios can be installed with the navigation software.

The wide spectrum of view displayed by the touch screen radio increases the ability for the driver to view the route while driving and perfect navigation through the routes.

Work  well with other car accessories

Touch screen car radios can interwork with many other devices and equipment to optimize the entertainment in the car, as well as safety features.

For instance, interconnecting with headrest monitors, rooftop monitors, speakers and amplifiers to boost the sound system.

There are drivers who prefer the old-school physical dimensioned based radio but touch screen radios are taking over the market in a fast pace. Its’s everywhere, with everyone. There are many safety features in touch screen car radios, not just entertainment wise but in a perspective where it could save the driver’s life and those around the car.


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