Why drive when you can carpool

Why drive when you can carpool

Carpool is not something new as it has been going on for a long time now. Strange as it may sound, more people are into carpooling despite having their own transportation. Are they lazy to drive? No, but because they have accepted the benefits of having to practice carpooling. 

The idea of carpool is sharing one car to get to a destination. Maybe you've got neighbors or friends who live close by and travel to the same place. Why take separate cars when you can just share the ride? Not many of us are privileged to get access to public transport, which is one of the main reasons why we drive our-self. But there is a better and much more benefiting option, why not take it. Besides, instead of driving your car all alone, you could start your morning with fun and excitement with a bunch of people you may know.

 Here there is not one but five benefits put upon you.

1. Save Fuel

With the rising price of fuel in the economy, we are finding ways to save our fuel usage in order to avoid gasing up. With high travel expenses, we usually end up with empty pockets before our next salary. But with carpool, you get to share the expenses of the fuel. You get to reduce the fuel usage of your car and travel at ease.

2. Helping Mother Nature

Carbon emission from vehicles pollute the air that leads to polluting the environment. As you know, many cars on the road are prone to carbon emission. And this is causing the poor air quality of the environment. Carpooling intensively reduces the carbon emission by half. Imagine four cars going to the same place and now it has become just one.

3.No More Parking Trouble

There's no doubt that we all get up early just to get a parking spot rather than be the first to enter the office. Every single car fight for that one parking spot, it can be very gory. But with carpooling, instead of four or five parking spots, you just need one. And besides, this gives other cars the privilege to park as well. All you need is the departing place and destination place to be the same.

4. Longevity of Your Car

When you use your car, there is bound to be a service requirement after a certain period of time. This is because of the damage done from all the driving. This is another factor that increases to loose your money. With carpooling, that can be avoided. And those sharing the car can offer a small amount to the car owner which will also ease his or her expenses too. It it not only convenient for you but for your car too.

4. Reduce Traffic Congestion

Too many vehicles on the road causes traffic jams at too many routes. Even with the greatest navigation apps, traffic is undefeated. Those using the public transportation are not able to get to work on time as the buses get struck in traffic. But with carpooling system, the number of cars on the road can be decreased. We'll get a clearer road and a much more smoother ride to our destination.

So get calling and find your carpool partners. 

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