A Dashcam with Screen-less Design Blaupunkt DVR BP 10.0 A/AG

A Dashcam with Screen-less Design Blaupunkt DVR BP 10.0 A/AG

The leading dashcam design and Blaupunkt has released it!

DVR BP 10.0 A/AG has no screen, hence you'll never be distracted while driving. But worry not, the features are bombastic too. Blaupunkt started out in car radio manufacturing and evolved to giving the customers beyond in-car entertainment such like speakers and amplifiers. Safety feature comprising products are vastly manufactured and distributed throughout the world and dashcam is one of them.

Compact & Screen-less

The BP 10.0 is a camera with dual channel where 2MP with wide recording angle of 120° for front lenses and 1MP and  110° for rear camera lenses. Both cameras record 1080P HD video. That is some excellent recording quality. The idea of it being screen-less is to help drivers keep and eye on the road at all times and reduce the temptation to take a glance at the dashcam while driving. Besides that, there is another benefit of the BP 10.0 being screen-less, nobody will know where is it located which in this case, helps the driver from being victimized by road scammers.

Format-Free Technology 

To prevent corruption of files stored in the SD card, reformatting is required for every two weeks which can be very irritating. But with Format-free technology, there is an organized way where the SD card enables all data files that are stored will be same in size and there will be no data fragmentation whatsoever. It is hassle-free and very convenient.


A very helpful and convincing feature that helps with the emergency file recording to initiate on its own. The scenarios that influences the G-sensor is when thee is change in car acceleration such as impact of being hit or speeding up. An accelerometer   observes acceleration of the car when the user is driving and is capable to distinguish gravitational changes.

Park Monitoring with Smart Motion

This feature functions to act when the car is not in motion for instance when it is under parking mode. The BP10 will be active at all times but not necessarily recording. Smart motion activates BP10 to begin recording when motion or vibration is detected, recording takes place with 28.4MB for 28 seconds.

File Category

The park mode videos will be saved under Parking folder and in case of impact (at any time), the videos will be saved under Event folder. Normal folder is only for normal driving journey recording.

Battery voltage level

Some dashcams gets hardwired to the car's battery which in most cases drains the battery, leaving it juiced out. But BP 10.0 has been equipped with the feature where there is a setting  present to stop the device from recording whenever the car battery is low, this will indirectly help to prevent battery drainage.

Wireless Control App

Want to see what the dashcam is seeing? Well this is the most convenient way right now. The BP 10.0 enables the owner of the dashcam to view the videos on playback list (VOD), download, live view & change setting with no interference when Wi-Fi connection between the smartphone and DVR is established. The app is available in Play Store and Apple App for free. 

GPS tracking 

Getting the exact coordinates of the accident that happened to your car can be obtained with the help of Global Positioning System. The GPS tracking system that can be purchased as an extra feature when buying the dashcam (Available for BP10.0AG only)

24-hour monitoring 

This is also a new feature for the current dashcam trend that everybody wants to have, monitoring 24/7. The specifications enables the dashcam to stay active even after the car is turned off with the LCD screen off as the dashcam is hardwired with the car battery and not receive power supply from the cigarette charger.

Feeling interested? Want to buy one?

Click here https://goo.gl/mGTRXX 

You can learn more by visiting the Blaupunkt website https://goo.gl/KQnToq 

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