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Here are the available job post.

Call 012-528 3896 or email to [email protected]

Call 012-883 6968 or email to [email protected]

Call 017-394 3338 or email to [email protected]

Call 017-394 3338 or email to [email protected]

What are the benefits? 

  1. You will get annual leave and outpatient medical cover upon confirmation.
  2. Its a conducive and friendly working environment (we don't talk much anyway).
  3. Of course, with EPF & SOCSO (cause its illegal to not contribute).
  4. Increment of salary per year based on performance (probably the only thing that you want to know for sure).
  5. If you have been scouting our website (which you should, for the sake of cliche interview questions), we operates 5-days a week, cause we cherish the weekends.

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