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TIF4.0 | Blaupunkt 2 In 1 Tire Inflator & Vacuum Cleaner

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Blaupunkt tire inflator TIF4.0 is a two-in one Tire Inflator that can also be used as a portable Vacuum Cleaner is the device that serves for emergency purposes when you are closer to getting stranded in the middle of the road. Besides that, the device can also be used as vacuum cleaner that is small enough to be stored in your car.

The TIF4.0 can temporarily inflate punctured or flat tire to help drivers reach the destination without delay and on time.The device gets power supply through the usage of 12V Cig Charger at maximum current of 10A. The TIF4.0 also can used for other inflatable objects like balls, toys or swimming pools.


Improve Tire Life & Save Money


Under inflated tires can result in tire failures 90% of the time. Low pressure in a car tire can result in excessive fuel consumption and increased friction between the tires and the road.
 This also causes uneven tread wear. With poor tire life, the braking performance will also be affected.

Over inflated tires can cause poor friction with the road and this results in ineffective braking performance. The centre of the tires can wear out faster due to this. You can cut down your expenses by increasing the life expectancy of the tires through good maintenance.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) and Tire Inflator (TIF) goes hand-hand for tire maintenance.

Portable, Ready-To-Use Tire Inflator & Vacuum Cleaner


Portable tire inflators and vacuum cleaners tend to be small and compact in size as it makes the device easier to be carried around. Apart from that, there are small compartments within the tire inflators and vacuum cleaners for cable and valves storage. TIF4 is lightweight, weighing less than 2kg. With a perfectly small size and solid design, the TIF4 can easily be stored literally anywhere in your vehicle, away from your line of sight and easy to move around.

*Blaupunkt Tire Inflator TIF4 is intended for installation & operation in a vehicle with 12V vehicle system outage

Time-Saving - Tire Inflator

 Getting a flat tire or deflation in the middle of nowhere, away from a gas station air pump, is not something anyone looks forward to. Having a portable tire inflator saves your time and gets you to your destination on time. You only need to invest one time on the device and have a lifetime usage.


With Blaupunkt tire inflator TIF4, you can inflate your vehicle tire in less than seven minutes. With the durable air hose that is about 5m long, the air compressor is able to deliver the right PSI to the vehicle tire in a short period of time, hence the device is able to work at full capacity

Time-Saving - Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning up the mess in your car will be easy and takes very less time when you have a portable vacuum cleaner in the car. You don't need to wait until you wash your car or use the vacuum at your house. You can use it whenever you need it.


Blaupunkt TIF4 is also designed to be a vacuum cleaner that can easily clean dust from inside of your car. TIF4 vacuum cleaner comes with several accessories such as crevice nozzle, upholstery brush and soft tube to help you clean every part of your car interior.


*Do not operate TIF4 for more than 30 minutes. It may result in overheating or damage of the device and tire.

Safe & Reliable


Portable tire inflators are easy to use, hence it is safe for any range of drivers. The device is also reliable as it helps you to maintain the car tire pressure at all times.


Blaupunkt TIF4.0 can be used for other things than just inflating tires, in fact, there are two adaptors that will be provided in the packaging when you purchase our TIF4.0.


One hose adapter is for inflating vehicle tires, while the other is for inflatable items such as balls, swimming pools, inflatable toys, and many more

User-Friendly - Tire Inflator


User manual will be provided for easy operation of the device.
 If you find any deflation in any of the tires in your vehicle, you can quickly use the TIF4 to inflate back.

*With a Tire Pressure Monitoring System TPMS, you can monitor and get updated with the tire pressure and temperature.

User-Friendly - Vacuum Cleaner


User manual will be provided for easy operation of the device.
 Clean the filter plate and make sure it is dried before installing. Install the filter back after cleaning

Specifications :

•   Suitable for cars, motorcycles, bicycle, balls and other inflatable objects
•   Vacuum Power : 4200 Pa
•   Air Flow : 24L
•   Hose Length : 50cm
•   Cable Length : 300cm
•   Working Temperature : -20°C - 60°C
•   Storage Temperature : -20°C - 70°C
•   Voltage : 12V
•   Max Current : 10A
•   Max Measuring Pressure : 120 Psi
•   Max Continous Pressure : 60 Pis
•   Power : 120W
•   Power Connection : 12V Car Cigarettes Lighter Socket
•   Weight : 1.5 Kg
•   Dimension : 470mm x 133mm x 150mm

Accessories :

•   12V Car Cigarette Charger
•   2 Hose Adaptors (For Ball and Inflatable)
•   Vacuum Cleaner with Crevice Nozzle
•   Upholstery Brush and Soft Tube


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