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Santa Marta 800 | Blaupunkt Smart Multimedia

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Compatible with Wired Android AutoTM & Apple CarPlayTM 



The new Santa Marta 800 is a 2-DIN car radio that is diverse in entertainment with the latest technology and advanced connectivity for easier controls. Comes with a 7.0” Capacitive Touch Screen Display, take control of the car radio easily without distraction on the road. Santa Marta 800 fits the safe smartphones (iPhone or Android Phone) usage in the car requirement thanks to the CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ technology. 

Connection Made Easy

With the updated version of BT 4.2, you can connect to your mobile phones and listen to your favourite songs while driving. The BT function includes a built-in external microphone that supports the call-in function. Make calls with hands-free just a tap on the screen with this function to better focus on the road. San Juan 800 W is greater than ever when it comes to providing entertainment all the way.


Santa Marta 800 is equipped with Time Alignment. This feature calculates the delay from each speaker to the driver's position and adjusts speaker output timing so that all speakers' sound reaches the driver's ears in perfect sync. When set up correctly, you can sit in the driver's seat, close your eyes (not while driving), and NOT be able to pinpoint the source of the music. It will surround you, providing you with a truly exquisite listening experience.

Max Power Output

Blaupunkt Santa Marta 800 Car Radio delivers a maximum outpower of  4x45W. This level of power is able to create an intensifying environment whenever you are listening to your favorite songs. Exciting as it sounds, Blaupunkt ensures your listening experience is satisfied


Santa Marta 800 is outfitted with 4xPreamp-out, which converts a weak electrical signal into an output signal strong enough to be noise-tolerant before channelling it to a speaker. Without it, the final sound would be noisy or distorted. Santa Marta 800 guarantees that your ears will be graced with fascinating sound.


Blaupunkt has considered the audiophiles preferred listening experience and incorporated the 12-Band Equalizer feature. Enhance your driving experience by being your own driving DJ. Your handy partner is built with a 4x45W Max Output Amplifier. In case your own DJ tires you, opt for the pre-set EQ available from User, Normal, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Rock, News, Urban, to Techno.

External Mic Ready

Blaupunkt’s Santa Marta 800 is external mic ready. We have prepared an external port for those who love to have a mic as an add-on accessories.

USB Port

Apart from CARPLAY™ and ANDROIDAUTO™ Santa Marta 800 is equipped with one USB port to allow additional connectivity.

Steering Wheel Control

Santa Marta 800 is Steering Wheel Control ready, which means it can be easily connected to your car's Steering Wheel Control. With this, you can easily change your music and adjust the volume while keeping your eyes on the road.

Reverse Camera Supported 

Being mindful of user preference, Blaupunkt understands the importance of Digital Reverse Camera integration in-car radio that supports higher resolution video playback. Carefully park your vehicle with the Reverse Camera supported function.



Apple launched CarPlay™ technology to allow smartphones to be used while driving. These systems can be used for navigation control, weather report, answering and making phone calls, playing music, etc. The digital assistants “Siri” is also enabled in these systems.


Google launched Android Auto™ technology to allow smartphones to be used while driving. These systems can be used for navigation control, weather report, answering and making phone calls, playing music, etc. The digital assistants “Hey Google” is also enabled in these systems.


The Santa Marta 800 Android Auto app must be downloaded from Google Play Store. Establish connection via USB cable.

The Santa Marta 800 Apple CarPlay is built-in for all iPhones 6S & above. Establish connection via USB cable.  


Powered by :  MMAUTO | Model no.: AV-1277


Display/ Memory

7.0” Capacity Touch Screen

1024x600p Resolution


18 FM and 12 AM Preset Station

Local Seek Tuning

Media Player

USB 2.0

Audio Format Supported: MP3, FLAC

Video Format Supported: AVI, MP4


Flat/ Popular/ Rock/ Electro/ Jazz/ Classic/ Custom/ Soft

8-Band Equalizer

4 x 45 Max. Output Power

Input/ Outputs

2x Channel Audio-In

2x Channel Audio-Out

1x Rear Camera Input

1x Rear USB

1x Video-In

Steering Wheel Control


Support External Microphone

Supported Profiles : HFP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, SPP

1 x Device Pairing

Hands-Free Calling via Microphone + Radio Speaker

Key Function : Accept / Hang Up / Reject Call

Phone Book Access

History Call Lists ( Missed, Dialed, Received Calls)

Auto Connect (On/Off) / Auto Answer (On/Off)


User Manual

Trim Ring

External Microphone

Connecting Cables

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