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San Marino 520 | Blaupunkt 2-DIN Car Radio

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San Marino 520

Car Multimedia At Its Finest

Get on board with the multi-functions of Blaupunkt Car Multimedia San Marino 520. Be astonished by its Android 10.0 OS which makes everything work. Conveniently select what you want by tapping on the screen with its 7” Touch Screen Display. Ask for more when you can pair your mobile devices with Bluetooth 4.2 and get ready to dive into the world of entertainment. Perfect as it sounds, San Marino 520 is your must-have car multimedia for your vehicle.

San Marino 520

7" Touch Screen Display

Experience the smoothness of the 7” touch screen display on San Marino 520. Easily tap on the screen to select the desired functions. Blaupunkt uses TFT(Thin-Film-Transistor) for the display for its sharpness and speed compared to the LCD screen. You will not get easily distracted by the screen due to its color contrast, keeping you safe on the road while driving. 

San Marino 520

Pairing Made Easy

San Marino 520 is built with Bluetooth 4.2. Device pairing is not only made easier but faster. Unlock more potential with this feature by syncing your smartphone’s phonebook to enable driving mode, for your call and music playback. Manage your contact list, accept calls, end calls, and even dial all from San Marino 520. You don’t even need to bet an eye on your smartphones. Better yet, control playback or calls from your Steering Wheel Control (SWC); keeping your hands on the wheel and mind focused on the road.

San Marino 520

10-band Equalizer

Blaupunkt has considered the audiophiles preferred listening experience and incorporated the 12-Band Equalizer feature. Enhance your driving experience by being your own driving DJ. Your handy partner is built with a 4x50W Max Output Amplifier. In case your own DJ tires you, opt for the pre-set EQ available from User, Flat, Pop, Classic, Rock, Electro, Jazz.

Project Your Screen

Immerse yourself into live entertainment by connecting your devices to San Marino 520 via Phonelink, where you can project your smartphone’s display onto your car radio. Supports both iOS and Android devices. You can choose to connect by cable or wireless mirroring. After connecting, you can turn on your favorite music videos, and movies and also use your app through the screen on your dashboard. Keep your loved ones entertained at all times when on the road. iOS


  • Supports 1-way control
  • Connect with cable
  • Control from iOS device only

San Marino 520


  • Supports 2-way control
  • Connect with cable
  • Control from Android device or car radio
San Marino 520

Key Functions                                                                                                                                                      

  1. IR Sensor
  2. Internal Microphone
  3. Power Button
    • Press and hold turn on or turn off
    • Press to mute or unmute
  4. Increase Volume
  5. Home Button
  6. Decrease Volume
  7. USB Slot
  8. AUX In
  9. MicroSD Card Slot
  10. Reset Button

San Marino 520

Perfectly Fitted                                                                                                                                                  

Dimensions: 178 x 165 x 100mm

Weight: 0.52kg

San Marino 520

San Marino 520

1. Rear Right -

10. Acc+ 12V

19. AUX In 2

2. Rear Right +

11. Ground

20. Rear Left Out


3. Front Right -

12. Illumination

21. Out 1


4. Front Right +

13. Auto Antenna

22. AV In

5. Front Left +

14. Key 1


23. Rear Right Out

6. Front Left -

15. Battery +

24. Out 2

7. Rear Left +

16. Rear Camera

25. Rear Camera In

8. Rear Left -

17. Braking

26. Antenna

9. Microphone Input

18. Key 2



  • 7 Inch TFT Display
  • Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels 
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Wallpaper Options  
  • Radio System Languages : English, Chinese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian       


  • Wave Bands: FM 1,2,3 AM 1,2
  • Travelstore: FM, AM
  • Switchable World Tuner: Europe, America, Thailand 

Data Carrier

  • USB 2.0 Compatible (Removable Storage up to 32GB)
  • MicroSD Card (Up to 32GB)
  • Frequency Response: 20-20.000Hz 
  • Storage Formats: USB, SDHC, SD, FAT, FAT 16, FAT 32 

Media Player

  • Video Formats: AVI, MP4 
  • Image Format : JPEG, JPG
  • Audio Format : FLAC, WAV
  • Playback Via USB 


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Supports Profiles
  • Support Phonebook Function
  • 1 x Device Pairing 
  • Hands-Free Built-In
  • History Call Lists (Missed, Dialed, Received Calls)
  • Auto Synchronization (On/Off)
  • Built-in Microphone 


  • 10-Band Equalizer
  • Sound Preset: User, POP, Rock, Classic, Jazz, Beat 


  • 4 x 50W Max Output Power

Inputs / Outputs

  • 2 Audio Channels
  • RCA Rear View Video  
  • Camera Input
  • 1 x Front USB
  • 1 x Front Aux Input
  • 1 x Rear Aux Input
  • 2 x Video Output 
  • 1 x CVBS Input
  • Steering Wheel Control  


  • Smart Phone Connection: Lightning cable (iOS), Mini USB or Type-C (Android) 
  • Smartphone Control: 1-way (iOS), 2-way (Android) 
  • Version: iOS 14.3 / Android 10.0 


  • Operating / Installation instruction 
  • Remote Control (Battery Included)
  • Connection Cable


  • Size: 178 x 165 x 100mm 
  • Weight: 0.52kg
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