• MPD 610 A (Front)
  • MPD 610 A (Flat)
  • MPD 610 A (Side Angle Left)
  • MPD 610 A (Side Angle Right)
  • MPD 610 A (Flat Back)
  • MPD 610 A (Flat Side)
  • MPD 610 A (Back)

MPD 610 A | Blaupunkt Velocity Power Amplifier With DSP

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MPD 610 A

6-CH High/2-CH Low Level Input | 8-CH Low Level RCA Output | 10-CH Speaker Output

Amplify Your Surrounding

Listening to your favorite songs through your vehicle's speakers is very dull especially when it is affected by the road noise. To overcome it, Blaupunkt MPD 610 A is designed to strengthen weak audio signals, and improve the music's clarity and quality. Apart from that, MPD 610 A is capable of producing a Maximum Output Power of 880W.  MPD 610 A Amplifier is meant to create a whole new experience in your listening experience.

Digital Signal Processor

Digital Signal Processor is functioned specifically to manipulate audio signals and frequencies of the audio systems in the vehicle. One of the key features of Digital Signal Processor is the Signal Delay feature. Signal Delay is a tuning feature to delay the sound from different audio systems (Tweeters, Subwoofers, Speakers) that are placed in different distance to arrive to the subject (driver or passengers) at the same time. It has all the setting that everyone need without even relying on other tuning systems. 

Class AB Amplifier

Blaupunkt Amplifier MPD 610 A is a 10-Channel Class AB Amplifier that generates an RMS Power of 8x35W+80Wx2(4Ω),8x50W+120Wx2(2Ω). This allows each of the channels to produce respective power, creating sufficient power for MPD 610 A to maximize its performance. Furthermore, MPD 610 A has also a Digital Signal Processor feature which allows users to better calibrate the audio systems in one go without handling more than one device.

MPD 610 A PC Tuner Software

Blaupunkt MPD 610 A allows complete control and command of the Digital Signal Processor through PC Tuner software. To adjust and calibrate the sound systems in your vehicle, Blaupunkt offers a unique and user-friendly software interface for you to create a whole new experience on the DSP. Such settings include signal routing, equalization, frequency adjustment, and more.


PC Tuner

To adjust and calibrate the sound systems in your vehicle, Blaupunkt offers a unique and user-friendly software interface for you to create a whole new experience on the DSP.

Max Output Power

Blaupunkt MPD 610 delivers a maximum outpower of  880watts. This level of power is able to create an intensifying environment whenever you are listening to your favorite songs. Exciting as it sounds, Blaupunkt ensures your listening experience is entertaining.

Music Playback

Blaupunkt created this feature that allows you to play your favourite sound as many times as you want via USB or BT Streaming. 


1.Power Input
2.CH9/CH10 Speaker Output
3.Low Level rca Output
4.Low Level RCA Input
5.Power & Protection LED
7.CH1-CH4 Hi-Level Input/CH1-CH4 Speaker Output/ Remote In/ Remote Out
8.CH5-CH6 Hi-Level Input/CH5-CH6 Speaker Output/ Remote In/ Remote Out
9.BT Antenna
10.Coaxial Input
11.Optical Input
12.USB2.0 Input
13.Remote Control
14.USB Player








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