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GTW 11004 D | Dual Voice Coil Woofer

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GTW 11004 D

10.0” Diameter | 4-layer Voice Coil with Aluminium Former


A piece of dual voice coil 10.0” woofer made of the vented pole piece and bumped back plate. GTW 11004 D is a dual voice coil speaker offers wiring flexibility with its two voice coils. It allows single speaker to output both stereo channels through one speaker, creating a stereo sound from a single speaker location.

A woofer is a speaker in your system that handles low-frequency audio signals. The GTW 11004 D offers a frequency range of 45-800 Hz, which will improve your listening experience when playing your favourite song.

Your GTW 11004 D's capability to convert power (watts) into volume is indicated by its sensitivity rating (decibels). Your speakers' volume will increase as the sensitivity rating rises up to 82 dB.

Impedance is a measurement of a woofer’s voice coil's resistance to the amplifier-supplied audio current. GTW 11004 D has a 4 ohm resistance, thus the music it produces will be fascinating.




Sealed Enclosure

Vented Enclosure


Nominal Diameter : 10“

Power Handling (RMS) : 200 watts

Power Handling (max) : 600 watts

Impedance : 4 ohms

Sensitivity : 82 dB @ 2.83V/1m

Frequency Response : 45 - 800 Hz

Voice Coil Diameter : 49.5mm

Magnet Weight : 50 Oz

DC Resistance (Re) : 3.6 Ohms

Resonant Frequency (Fs) : 50 Hz

Mechanical Q (Qms) : 1.732

Electromagnetic Q (Qes) : 1.415

Total Q (Qts) : 0.779

Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms) : 140g

Mechanical Compliance of Suspension (Cms) : 61.394u M/N

Surface Area Of Cone (Sd) : 31.416m m²

BL Product (BL) : 11.083 Tm

Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas) : 8.604m m²

Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax) : 10 mm

Cone / Diaphragm Material : Paper / aluminium

Surround Material : Rubber

Voice Coil Wire Material : Copper

Voice Coil Former : Aluminium

Basket/Frame Material : Steel

Magnet Material : Ferrite

Overall Outside Diameter : 10.35"

Overall Depth : 5.16"

Baffle Cut-out Diameter : 9.13"

No. of Mounting Holes : 8

Mounting Hole Diameter : 9.69"(246mm)

Size & Weight : 262x262x131mm & 3.4kg

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