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Greenland Series | Blaupunkt Sun Protection Film

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Increase the privacy level for your car and have a cooler interior with reduced heat


Add style to your car with Blaupunkt Greenland Series Sun Protection Film. The protection films varies in specifications which increases option to choose. Privacy can be achieved by tinting the windows of your car as it reduces the chances of break-in. The most crucial usage of tint that you need is to block out harmful UV rays for better protection of your skin.

99% UV Isolation Sunblock-like effect that helps to protect skin from harmful violet eays such as UV-A & UV-B.

Metal Free The incorporated IR technology prevents oxidation which interrupt electromagnetic waves device reception such as GPS Signal, Electronic Tag & other electronic communication devices.

Heat Insulation Advance IR technology helps to maintain films quality from deteriorating caused by sun burn.

Clear Visibility Visible Light Transmission up to 70% significantly improve the driving journey by reducing glare from the blinding sunlight, that helps keeping comfortable viewing sight.

RoHS Complied Environmental-friendly material does not release toxic chemical even when exposed to high temperature

Energy Efficient High insulation IR Technology helps to improve cold room effect. Also reduces fuel consumption and energy saving.

WHY Blaupunkt Sun Protection Film -Greenland Series


The incorporation of IR technology prevents oxidation which interrupt electromagnetic waves device reception such as GPS Signal, Electronic Tag & other electronic communication devices

Wavelengths Isolated by Blaupunkt SPF


1. Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet (UV-ray)

•   UV-A (98.1%) + UV-B (1.1%) + UV-C (<1%) = Ultraviolet (UV) Under Sunlight
•   UV-C (230~280nm) + UV-B (280~315nm) + UV-A (315~400nm) = Ultraviolet (UV)
•   UV-A known with the highest wavelength is known for its highest penetration level that helps to strengthen the force of UV-B which cause early skin aging when the UV does penetrates human dermis.


2. Blocks 95% of Infrared (IR)


•   IR-A (760~1400nm) + IR-B (1400~3000nm) + IR-C (3000 nm~1 mm) = Infrared (IR)
•   The temperature of human skin can increase to more than 40°C under direct IR irradiation due to the conversion of IR into heat
•   According to clinical evidence, chronic heat exposure of human skin may cause skin disease such as erythema ab igne and premature skin aging (photoaging)
•   Excessive heat exposure reduces the strength and resilience of Collagen Fibrils that is responsible for the skin condition.

"New Car Smell"

Advance IR technology helps to maintain not only the Sun Protection Film, but also the car interior material such as upholstery and furnishing from deteriorating caused by sun burn

“New car smell” also known as Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) are toxic gases released by the residue of car productions, though the excess levels of chemicals wears off over time but they are still being released but in a much lower doses. This is call – Offgassing.

High heat and ultraviolet light exposure promotes offgassing. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause central nervous system, hormones, memory loss, cancer etc


Clean, Clear, Aesthetic with High Privacy


Reduce glare from sunlight and gives your vehicle an entire clean finishes look.

Blaupunkt SPF offers clear view to the outside even with the darkest film.

Prevents any overlooking into your vehicle.

Comfortable driving journey as the tint film prevent glaring during daytime.


G70BL (IR Nano Ceramic)

•   VLT : 70%
•   IR : 85%
•   UV : 99%
•   Warranty : 3 Years

G50BK (IR Nano Ceramic)

•   VLT : 50%
•   IR : 85%
•   UV : 99%
•   Warranty : 3 Years

G20BK (IR Nano Ceramic)

•   VLT : 20%
•   IR : 85%
•   UV : 99%
•   Warranty : 3 Years

G10BK (IR Nano Ceramic)

•   VLT : 10%
•   IR : 85%
•   UV : 99%
•   Warranty : 3 Years



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