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DIY TPM 2.14 USB l Blaupunkt Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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1.   Blaupunkt Tire Pressure Monitoring System operates as a DIY plug & play warning system. It warns drivers of any unsafe change in the air pressure. Readings are provided by pressure sensing transmitter mounted on each tire air-tube and sent to a central operator (display plugged on cigarette lighter charger). A warning indicator display and audible (beeping sound) warning will notify driver upon detection of abnormal pressure and tire temperature.
2.    WHY TPMS? Tires that are filled with the right amount of pressure assist in lessening fuel consumption and improve your carbon footprint. TPMS’s ability to display warning in case any abnormal air pressure, allows drivers to easily detect air leakage and prevent tire puncture while on the road. With the right amount air pressure, tires are correctly inated. This will help to reduce tire wear which indirectly increases the life time of the tire, helping drivers to save cost. Properly inflated tire will also prevent tire imbalance that might cause the vehicle to vibrate in case of hard breaking, and lead to losing control of vehicle.



•   Tire Pressure Monitoring System for car
•   Cig Plug Display with USB
•   All data is fixed and shown on display
•   1A USB Charger
•   Individual pressure & temperature reading of each tire
•   4 external sensors
•   8 sensor caps (4x black color, 4x silver color)



•   Operating frequency : 433.92 MHz
•   Battery voltage: 1.8V ~ 3.3V
•   Battery lifetime: ~ 2 years (model CR 1632)
•   Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C / -4°F ~ +140°F
•   Pressure range: 0~3.5 Bar / 0~50 PSI



•   Operating frequency: 433.92MHz
•   Operating voltage: 12 +/- 3V
•   Operating temperature: -20°C ~ +70°C / -4°F ~ +158°F


Default value:

•   High pressure value: 3.3 Bar / 47 PSI
•   Low pressure value: 1.7 Bar / 25 PSI
•   High temperature value: 80°C / 176°F



•   Temp: +/- 1°C / +/- 2°F
•   Pressure: 0.1 Bar / 1.5 PSI


USB charging slot:

•   Operating voltage: 12 +/- 3V
•   Operating temperature: -20C ~ +70C / -4F ~ +158F
•   Output voltage: 5 +/- 0.2V
•   Output current: 1A


Air pressure unit:

•   1 Bar = 14.5 PSI = 100 KPa = 1.02 Kgf/cm2

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