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BP9.1 A 2-CH l Blaupunkt Dashcam WiFi & GPS-ready

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Blaupunkt have specially designed the BP 9.1 A 2- Channel through German Engineering with the implantation of Korean Technology to enhance its function to aid the user in applying safety features in their daily life.

Specification :

 Resolution : 

•   Front 4MP 2K 2048 X 1152 (30fps)

•   Rear 2MP FHD 1920x1080 (30fps)

Wide viewing angle : 

•   Front -118°, Rear -120°

Screen Display : 

•   Front, Rear, PIP (picture in picture)

•   3.5"LCD touch screen display

•   Format-Free Technology 

•   Fixed High Temperature Cut-off

•   Variable Low Car Battery Voltage Cut Off 

•   24-hour Park Monitoring-Ready with Smart Motion 

•   Automatic Display Shutdown 

•   Built-in G-sensor 

•   Loop Recording

Supported Format : 

•   AVI

ADAS-ready : 

•   LDWS & FVSA (Optional GPS Tracker required)

•   Preview, Download, Playback Videos & Settings
   Configuration via Wireless Control App 

•   Built-in microphone & Speaker

Language : 

•   English

•   Korean

•   Japanese

•   Thai

•   Chinese

Power supply : 

•   DC 12V~24V 

•   Support up to 128GB Class 10 Micro SD

Dimension (WxHxD) : 

•   Front 30x64x98mm, Rear 26x53x28mm 

•   Rear 26x53x28mm

Weight : 

•   Front 90g

•   Rear 24g (without cable)


•   Front DVR & rear DVR

•   16GB Micro SD Card 

•   Micro SD card adapter

•   3M Bracket

•   DVR Power Cable

•   Rear Camera Connecting Cable

•   Wireless Control Dongle 

•   Manual

G-sensor functions as an accelerometer where it observes acceleration of the car when the user is driving and is capable to distinguish gravitational changes. The device is able to identify the video difference by separating the video into 3 folders, Normal (No impact/motion sensor normal video recording), Event (Impact detected video) and Parking (Motion detected video – 24hour Monitoring). This helps user to not worry about any videos going unsaved during the time in need.
 Speaker and Microphone Speaker and microphone help in recording conversation and sounds in order to justify even more depth when it comes to proving the video evidence collected through the dashcam. Or perhaps, pick up audio recording of loved one caught singing in the car.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
 BP 9.0 AG features Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) function. Some of the features of ADAS that is present in the dashcam is to set operating speed. When user reach the set speed, Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) will activate, whereby a set of lines will appear over the screen to watch out for unintentional lane change. Alert will go off to remind the user. This feature is
 useful when driving at high speed on the highway to avoid lost control of the car and reckless driving.

Format-Free Technology
 SD cards used in dashcams were required to be formatted every two weeks once the least, due to the large data fragmentation. But Format-Free Technology, all data files that are stored will be same in size and there will be no data fragmentation whatsoever. It is hassle-free and very convenient. Always remember to download important videos as old files will be automatically deleted.

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