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AirPure Filter APF 2 | Blaupunkt Air Purifier

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Blaupunkt Airpure Filter APF 2 is an air filter designed specifically for AirPure Air Purifier devices. The replacement filters is designed with the latest design of H13 HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) that can potentially remove 99.97% of any airborne particles especially dust. It is also fitted with activated carbon that removes certain particles such as odor, micropollutants and more. With 3 filtration system, the air quality is perfect for those with asthma and young kids.

AirPure Filter APF 2

AirPure Filter APF 2


First stage of air purification begins with Pre-filter that is made of non-woven fabric for better higher air permeability, prevents fiber slippage and increases filtration performance. Hence, the Pre-filter is the first and the most important layer in the filtration process.

The Pre-filter can capture large particles in the air such as pet dander, crumbs from food, human hair, and dust. With the help of Pre-filter, the other two layers can work efficiently in the air sterilization process.

AirPure Filter APF 2

HEPA Filter H13

The HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) Filter works side by side with a pre-filter to prolong the usage life of the filter and this is a cost-saving factor as you don’t need to replace the filters very often.

The HEPA H13 class is devised to have 99.7% filtration rate since the filter is made of glass fibre paper.In other words, AP2.0 uses HEPA filter H13 to trap fine particles as small as 0.3 μm such as airborne allergens that comprises microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and pollen from the atmosphere.

AirPure Filter APF 2

Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon layer is the final filter for the air purification process. This carbon filter is made of small pieces of carbon in the form of a powdered block that traps hazardous compounds and allergens such as dust mites, smoke, danders and even molds.

Odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that are present in the atmosphere such as polymers, foam, upholstery, adhesive, carpet, coating and composite will also be removed through the activated carbon filters, leaving behind fresh and cleaner air to breathe.

Imagine living without air purifier, we could be breathing in potentially dangerous bacteria, viruses and other harmful components that will harm our body. AirPure AP 2.0 is designed to solve this problem by just turning it on anywhere we desire. 

Ever dealt with a situation when you accidentally let it CO2smokes into your car while driving? AirPure AP 2.0 helps filter harmful smokes through its 3-layer filtration systems producing cleaner air in your car. Now we can breath better quality air by turning the device on anywhere, anytime. 

Needless to say, AirPure AP 2.0 is designed to create a healthier and better living lifestyle for all households. 

*Compatible with AirPure AP 2

*It is crucial to replace the APF1 filter once every 6 ~ 12 months or based on heavy to light usage of the AirPure.

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