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APF 2 | Blaupunkt Air Purifier Airpure Filter

RM 98.00

BlaupunktAirpure Filter APF 2

•      Replacement filter with HEPA and activated carbon

•      Remove volatile organic compound, viruses and bacteria

•      Filter hazardous smoke

•      Improve air quality

•      Compatible with AirPure AP 2.x

•      Blaupunkt Airpure Filter APF 2 has HEPA and activated carbon that sterilizes the air up to 99.7%, leaving you a fresh and clean air to breathe. With 3 filtration system, the air quality is perfect for those with asthma and young kids. The filter is compatible with Airpure AP2.x.


It uses UV light, HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter to filter air pollution, offering sterilization efficiency up to 99%.



Pre Filter 

Removes big particles such as pet hairs, dust & dirt

For purchase more than 10 units, drop us message here 

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