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AP 1.1 | Blaupunkt Air Purifier AirPure

RM 499.00

Blaupunkt Air Purifier AP 1.1 

  • Indicator Display : PM2.5 Level, Filter Replacement Reminder, Auto / Manual Fan Speed
  • Pre-packed with Blaupunkt Airpure Filter (APF1)
  • Noise Level : <35dB
  • Fan type : Double inlet DC Turbo Fan 
  • HEPA Filter Grade : H11
  • Ultraviolet Wavelength : 253.7mm
  • Applicable for space : 5m3 - 11m3
  • Input Voltage : 5V
  • Current : 1A
  • Power : <5W
  • Dimensions : 71mm x 195mm
  • Net Weight : 425g
  • Accessories : USB Power Cable

Blaupunkt Air Purifier Airpure 1.1 unleashes clean air into the atmosphere within the applicable area ranging from 3-11m3. Designed with 3-layer filtration system , the Airpure is able to clean the air up to 99% being able to remove several hazardous particles present in the air. With simple touch control and the convenience to plug and play at any confined space, the result is obtaining unlimited clean air. The presence of Airpure will not be noticed thanks to the low level sound administered by the device. Airpure offer clean air to those with allergic, asthma and even younger kids. During Haze season, this device is an essential in the car. Be in the car or in your room, Airpure AP1.1 works like a charm. 

Blue Indicator
  • Good Air Quality
  • PM2.5 Value : 0 to 50µg/m³
  • Begin operating at auto-detection status with low fan speed.
Green Indicator
  • Average Air Quality
  • PM2.5 Value : 51 to 99µg/m³
  • Switch fan to high speed automatically.

Red Indicator
  • Bad Air Quality
  • PM2.5 Value : 100 to 999µg/m³
  • Maintain at high fan speed.

Filter Replacement Reminder

Red Indicator - Remind user to check the filter condition when it reaches 300 hours of working time.

Blaupunkt air purifier AP 1.1 is able to filter and improve the air quality in your car and anywhere else. The device is designed emphasize on  Plug & Play.

It uses UV light, HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter to filter air pollution, offering sterilization efficiency up to 99%.
Pre Filter
Removes big particles such as pet hairs, dust & dirt
HEPA Filter
Filters particle 2.5μm such as viruses, bacteria & hazardous smoke
Activated Carbon Filter
Removes volatile organic compound (VOC) such as formaldehyde, toluene & benzene

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