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AP 1.0 | Blaupunkt Air Purifier AirPure

RM 399.00 RM 499.00

Blaupunkt Air Purifier AP 1.0 

  • Filter replacement : HEPA (PM2.5), Activated Carbon
  • Ultraviolet Wavelength : 253.7nm
  • Applicable Area : 5m - 10m
  • Polypropylene (PP) Cotton Aromatherapy
  • On/Off Touch Control
  • Noise Level : <35dB
  • Power Rating : <5W
  • Power Supply : USB DC 5V/1A
  • Accessories : USB DC Charger
  • Weight : 406g
  • Size (DxH) : 71 x 182mm

Blaupunkt air purifier AP 1.0 is able to filter and improve the air quality in your car and anywhere else. The device is designed emphasize on  Plug & Play.

It uses UV light, HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter to filter air pollution, offering sterilization efficiency up to 99%.

Pre Filter
Removes big particles such as pet hairs, dust & dirt
HEPA Filter
Filters particle 2.5μm such as viruses, bacteria & hazardous smoke
Activated Carbon Filter
Removes volatile organic compound (VOC) such as formaldehyde, toluene & benzene

Replaceable Blaupunkt Air Purifier AirPure Filter APF1

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