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Bremen SQR 46 DAB | Blaupunkt 1-DIN Car Radio

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1-DIN Car Radio



The newly launched cult car radio “Bremen SQR 46 DAB” with many new features!

Over the years, some models have become true cult objects. This also applies to the legendary Blaupunkt “Bremen SQR 46” from 1986. We are now presenting the reinterpretation of the popular 1-DIN car radio and combining the USPs of the 80s model with new technologies and functions. The result is the Blaupunkt “Bremen SQR 46 DAB”.

Its operating concept, the simple design and the crystal-clear reception made a significant contribution to the popularity of the original Bremen car radio. For the new edition, we took over the styling of the original model, but at the same time gave the radio modern Variocolor lighting for the buttons and the display. Thanks to the Blaupunkt Codem FM RDS tuner and DAB+ digital tuner, first-class reception remains a strength of the new Youngtimer car radio. The numerous serial interfaces are new, including two USB ports, an auxiliary connection and an SDHC slot – audio streaming via Bluetooth is also not a dream of the future for the returning legend. This radio is also “Made for iPhone/iPod” and guarantees a corresponding compatibility. All settings are saved permanently even if the battery is disconnected. A DAB+ windshield antenna is also included – so the entertainer has arrived in the present.

The new “Bremen SQR 46 DAB” has a short installation depth – ideal for youngtimers with shortened installation shafts. But not only the car radio itself takes the user on a journey through time, the packaging of the device was also elaborately designed and modeled on the original. 

You can now browse and choose your favourite songs with Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB. With front panel and night design with various colours, you can make your car ride much more entertaining.

Bremen SQR 46 DAB (23)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (1)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (2)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (4)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (12)

Bremen SQR 46 DAB (26)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (5)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (7)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (8)Bremen SQR 46 DAB (9)


Display :

  Vario Color (RGB for display & button illumination) 

•    Fixed Panel

Radio : 

•     HIGH-End CODEM IV HIGH-End World Tuner 

•    FM & AM Tuner

Media Player :

•    Audio from USB/SDHC

•    USB 2.0, SDHC

•    Audio format MP3/WMA

•    Bluetooth (built in/ Navigation Audio mix)

Audio :

•    3-band, semi-parametric equalizer

•    Sound presets(Rock, pop, classic)

•    X-Bass

•    4-channel preamp-out(4V)

•    4 x 50 Watt max power

Accessories :

•    IR Remote Control

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