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GTr 8100 A | Blaupunkt Active Subwoofer

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GTr 8100 A

8.0” Speaker Size | Compact Design & Solid Audio Output


Perfect Sound System

Blaupunkt has perfectly designed the ultimate sound system for its end users with German technology. Active Subwoofer GTr 8100 A is the ideal audio device for every vehicle. Equipped with a wired remote, you can easily tune your desired volume.

Easily Fitted

Not only it can deliver such impactful performance, but GTr 8100 A is also able to be installed in different locations in the vehicle. One perfect spot is the car bonnet.

Aluminium Housing Material

The enclosure housing material of the GTr 8100 A is Aluminium Die-cast Sealed. When the GTR 8100 A is performing, this material plays an essential role in heat dissipation and boosts sound quality.

250W Max Power

Blaupunkt Active Subwoofer GTr 8100 A delivers a maximum outpower of 250 watts. This level of power is able to create an intensifying environment whenever you are listening to your favorite songs. Exciting as it sounds, Blaupunkt ensures your listening experience is satisfied.

65mm In Height

Not only it can deliver such impactful performance, but GTr 8100 A  is suitable for low underseat vehicle. It is also able to be installed in different locations in the vehicle easily. One perfect spot is the car bonnet.

Wired Remote

Adjust to the desired volume with the wired remote control provided with GTr 8100 A. You can tune it to any volume you like, without worrying about the performance. Be it low or high volume, Blaupunkt Active Subwoofer GTr 8100 A will make your boost the performance of your audio devices.


1.Low Pass (0Hz-150Hz)
2.Bass Boost (0-+12dB)
3.Gain Control (200mV-6V)
4.Remote Control Input
5.RCA Input (CH1/CH2)
6.Power/Speaker Input

7.Fuse (15A)
8.Power LED Light
9.Protection LED Light
10.Phase (0°-180°)
11.Auto Power On (On/Off)



High Level Input – Speaker Input

Low Level Input – RCA Input



Speaker Size : 8.0”

Cone Composition : Aluminium

Magnet Type : Ferrite

Wired Remoted : Included

Enclosure Housing Material : Aluminium Die-cast Sealed

Enclosure Dimension (LxWxH) : 290 x 210 x 65mm

Enclosure Net Weight : 3.6kg



Amplifier Technology : AB

Max. Output Power : 250W

Normal Output Power (RMS) : 100W

Sensitivity (In Car/1W) : 80dB

Signal / Noise Ratio (dB) : 95dB

Impedance : 4 ohms

Frequency Response : 35Hz – 150Hz

Low Pass Filter (LPF) : 50Hz – 150Hz

Voltage : 14.4 (10V – 16V)

Phase Switch : 0 deg / 180 deg

Automatic On/Off (Hi & Lo) : High Level DC Only

Audio in Sensitivity : Speaker Input (1.5V)/RCA Input (150mV)


Remote Controller : 4.5m Wired Remote

4 x Screws (Parker-Type) : 4 x 20mm

8 x Screws (M-Type) : 4 x 8mm

4 x Mounting Bracket A : 45mm x 20mm

Wiring Harness (0.4m DC Cord, High Level Input

Speaker, Low Level Input Speaker & Input Plug)


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