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LED Fog Golden Yellow | Philips Xtreme-Ultinon LED

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Maximum road safety and style

Intense yellow light

  • Fog universal 8/11/16
  • Golden Yellow 2700K
  • Front fog light
  • 12V
  • 9.3W

All weather light


Philips Golden yellow 2700K LED fog light, improves vision in adverse weather conditions, penetrating fog better reducing glare and improving contrasts

SafeBeam to not glare other drivers

 Similar or better beam pattern than standard halogen lamp, to not glare other road users. ECE beam pattern compliant*. * There is no ECE regulation existing for LED bulbs. ECE beam pattern compliance is tested on several commonly used luminaires where the LED bulb beam pattern matches the ECE approved halogen beam pattern

AirFlux thermal design

Optimal thermal design for maximum cooling of LED to ensure ultra-long service life

3 year limited warranty for consumer usage

Maximum road safety and style

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