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H4 Replacement Cool white 6000K | Philips LED Headlight

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Philips LED Headlight H4 Replacement Cool white 6000K

Highlights : 

  • Maximum road safety and style
  • +150% more light on the road

Description :

  • Technology : LED
  • Application : Headlight high/low beam
  • Type : Headlight H4
  • Colour temperature: White 6200K
  • Lifespan  5000hrs
  • Voltage : 12 & 24V
  • Wattage : 23+/-15% W
  • Designation : X-treme Ultinon 6000K
  • Range: X-treme Ultinon LED
  • Base : P43t
  • Lumens (lm) : 1000+/-15% LED, 1250+/-15 HB

Maximum road safety and style

  • Headlight H4 replacement LED car lamp

    Philips LED intense bright headlights bring a sophisticated & modern light appearance to your car, and maximum visibility with +150% more brightness on the road than halogen lamp, for maximum driving safety and visual comfort.

  • AirFlux thermal design

    AirFlux thermal design

    Optimal thermal design for maximum cooling of LED to ensure ultra-long service life

  • The preferred quality of car makers

    The prefered quality of car makers

    In the world, 1 out of 2 cars is equipped with Philips lights. Philips is the supplier of choice of all major car manufacturers.

  • SafeBeam to not glare other drivers

    SafeBeam to not glare other drivers

    Philips patented SafeBeam optical design brings maximum visibility with a beam pattern that does not glare other road users. Similar or better beam pattern than standard halogen lamp, ECE beam pattern compliant*. * There is no ECE regulation existing for LED bulbs. ECE beam pattern compliance is tested on several commonly used luminaries where the LED bulb beam pattern matches the ECE approved halogen beam pattern

  • 3 year limited warranty for consumer usage

    3 year limited warranty for consumer usage
  • +150 % more light on the road*

    For your driving safety and visual comfort, you need to project light on the road ahead far and bright, without glaring the other road users. With an optimized optical design, Philips LED headlight brings you maximum visibility, with +150% more brightness on the road* where you need it most. (* than standard halogen lamp)

  • Intense bright headlights

    Philips LEDs headlights 6200K provide the most intense light upgrade solution to your car, with a perfect color match with LED fog and LED position lights, for a sophisticated and modern light appearance


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